Setups That Work

The decorations for this wedding was all provided by the families of the bride and groom and was quite “over-the-top” beautiful! I tucked my booth on the east side of the big window and positioned the two glow totems on either side of what would become the dance floor. I usually don’t enclose the subs and array speakers I use INSIDE the booth, but this time, as you can see, the head table took up more space than usual.

This indoor setup gets those awesome array speakers and subs out of the corner and on either side of the big window (better sound!). The “sweetheart” table was removed after dinner and the dance floor was created! No glow totems this time, and I missed them, but the guests were happy with the beautiful string lighting after dark.

Outdoor setups for ceremonies can be challenging due to the unpredictable weather in the region. Putting two speakers on stands at the front when it’s particularly windy can sound great! I’ve also used a single speaker with great results. Stereo isn’t really all that important outdoors - but coverage is! I always use quality wireless handheld microphones outdoors versus lapel or headset microphones - again due to the windy conditions that are consistent in the courtyard.

So what about using the landing space for the DJ? I did it once because of the large wedding party head table as you can see in the video. The sound wasn’t as good (versus being on the dance floor) way up in the air and the sub I was using didn’t get to the dance floor nearly as much as it could be felt where I was standing - which was NOT where the guests were. Guests felt they had to run up and down the stairs to communicate with me for requests. The father of the bride just about wore out the steps! Putting any amount of equipment on the landing naturally narrows the space as a path to the upstairs loft (if being used) and the first floor (where the dance floor, majority of guests, and bathrooms are). My job to keep in touch with the bride and groom and guests AND other professionals is severely reduced. Without a line of sight - the grand entrance is just this side of impossible! Not a good option in my estimation!