• The Impact of Entertainment
    Don’t make the mistake of overlooking the impact that the entertainment will have by helping to create the fun, memorable moments that your photographer will be trying to capture! In post-reception surveys tabulated by DJs who are members of (a website for professional DJs), clients who made entertainment a high priority for their receptions thought the quality of their entertainment was 80 percent (or more) responsible for the success of their reception.
  • Preparation, Preparation, Preparation
    On average, I plan to put in at least a full week of my time focused on preparing for your wedding at the Byron Colby Barn. I entertain text, email, phone, and in-person meetings that match my clients style. I’ll reply promptly to any communications you make with me. I’ll stay flexible to your needs - even if I don’t agree. I pull everything together in a one-page timeline - which is more of a sequential event list - so I can assist keeping the day on track. The music selections for any part of the wedding are personalized to reflect the people being married. I won’t show up without some essential part of my equipment. I WILL show up HOURS early to set up, prepare the space and offer my help.
  • The Show Must Go On
    The only instance in which I won’t be at an event I’m contracted for is if I’ve been admitted to the hospital. My contract covers this simply and directly. I have close friends that are professional DJs that have agreed to be available in such an instance so that your wedding goes on as scheduled - as planned.
  • One Thousand Dollars
    My basic fee for everything I’ve mentioned above (and more) at the Byron Colby Barn is $1,000. If your wedding or event includes an additional outdoor setup in the courtyard, there’s an additional $500. I may be able to discount these prices if your wedding or event is off - season. Just ask!
  • In the Middle
    How did I come up with my pricing? After looking at what my equipment costs, assessing my growing personal capabilities as an entertainer and DJ, my prep work, travel time to and from the Byron Colby Barn, wear and tear on the equipment and vehicle, arriving early for set up, and a countless other issues, I was convinced that what I needed to charge was in the middle of what services like mine charge in the northern Chicago region. You undoubtedly can spend much, much more, and without a doubt, much less and get much less in either case. Please keep in mind that pricing is NOT the only reflection of quality and good match for your event.
  • Book Me!
    This is the easy part! Shoot me an email. Fill out this online form. Call or text me: (414) 581-7511

    As soon as I receive half the total fee as your deposit and a signed contract (which I can email you on request), I’m officially booked. Being a “single-operator” I can only do one event per day so make it yours! The other half of the payment is do no later than before I start on your day.